Physical inactivity is one of the most important health concerns of the 21st Century—it now kills more people than smoking! So how can you be spared from the inactivity crisis?

In Live More Active, Dr Darren Morton provides you with both the will and the way to activate your life for good. You will learn the latest from science about what the Optimal Active Lifestyle looks like and be provided with a 21-day action plan to help you achieve it.

Live More Active can empower you to live your best life by living more active.

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“Darren Morton has put together a readable, articulate, scientifically accurate book to help the reader become and stay more active. This book has an important message for our time and the material is presented in such a pleasant and compelling way that I believe it will help many to get up and get going!”
Dr Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH, Chairman & Founder, Cooper Aerobics Centre
“Dr Darren Morton is the right person to lead us on this journey to more active living. Not only is Darren well qualified as an exercise scientist; he also lives what he teachers. The knowledge, passion and personal experience that have one into this book can get you moving – and you will soon feel the benefits.”
Dr Hans Diehl, Clinical Professor, Preventive Medicine, Loma Linda University
Dr Darren Morton is one writer, teacher and researcher who knows his stuff. In “Live More: Active”; he gives clear, concise and entertaining advice on how to get the most from an exercise (and lifestyle) program.”
Dr Gary Egger, Professor of Health and Human Sciences, Southern Cross University Australia